6.1.1: Governance in accordance with Mission and Vision

Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Open University has its Vision and Mission statement duly approved by the Statutory Bodies of the University. The University makes all the efforts to achieve the Mission and be close to the guiding phrases as given in the Vision statement of the University. All the statutory bodies of the university meet regularly and take decisions in order to achieve the Mission of the University. The governance in the university has always been directed towards the Vision and Mission of the University.



To improve learning outcome, quality of education and to reach the unreached by creating learner-centric environment to provide life-long learning opportunity and skill up-gradation to all learners using innovative technologies and methodologies



Educating and empowering the last mile learners to a learner desirous to compete with the global world and comprehend their prospective through the upright combination of knowledge, skills, employability and values for serving society. "The mission of the university is Education for all and Open to All"


The objects of the University is to advance and disseminate learning and knowledge by a diversity of means including the use of any communication technology, to provide opportunities for higher education to a larger segment of the population and to promote the educational well-being of the community generally, to encourage the Open University and distance education system in the education pattern of the State.


To strive for excellence by developing an Innovative, Flexible and Open System of education using the latest methods and technologies


The University strives to realize its vision and mission by:

1.       Providing quality education at affordable costs;

2.       Reaching out to learners leaving in rural/remote areas in the State; 

3.       Facilitating learner-centric multidisciplinary course curriculum, pedagogy, and resources through technology-enabled joyful and diverse learning environments.

4.       Promoting innovation in teaching, learning research, and extension for achieving excellence for world-class competencies

5.       Providing the best quality materials using quality audio-video resources developed in-house and available through OER & MOOCs

6.       Offering various courses under Choice Based Credit System and giving

7.       Emphasis on skill based courses for promoting employment opportunities.

8.       Emphasizing value based competencies among learners for developing socially responsible professionals and leaders.

9.       Promoting autonomy with self-accountability through participatory, transparent and value-based governance.

10.    Collaborating with various Universities/Institutes/Organizations of National and International repute for advancement of knowledge and skills;  

11.    Addressing issues and priorities for empowering the local community with a global perspective.


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