1.3.1: Institution integrates crosscutting issues

Institution integrates crosscutting issues

Institution integrates crosscutting issues relevant to Gender, Environment and Sustainability, Human Values, Emerging Demographic changes and Professional Ethics in the curricula  

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University offers a variety of courses which follows an interdisciplinary approach in which the students can take courses of their choice and learn at their own pace. For example, university offers various Bachelor degree programmes which are broad based programmes with Choice Based Credit System/Elective Course System with a mix of disciplinary, interdisciplinary and skill based courses. 

It is designed to provide the learners with the information and skills necessary to understand and analyze cross-cutting issues pertaining to contemporary areas namely, environment, gender, human values, sustainability, emerging issues related to demographic changes like urbanization and migration, ethical and moral concerns in society.

These concerns are embedded in courses that are categorized as core, elective, foundation, ability and skill enhancement.

These areas are considered critical in producing curricula that are both socially relevant and responsible, and geared towards fostering inclusive values and practices amongst learners. Gender is recognized as a key organizing principle in social life which has a major role to play determining an individual’s status, opportunities and challenges. Cross Cutting issues relating to environment, sustainability, human values, emerging demographic changes and professional ethics are also suitably addressed in various courses. We believe in maintaining a healthy environment for all our learners. Human values are what help us to live in harmony with the world. 

The following courses describe the Human Values and Professional Ethics:

  • Principles of Management, Human Resource Management 

  • Managing Interpersonal Effectiveness, Anatomy and Physiology

  • Physiology of Exercise, Yoga, Personality Development & Professional Ethics 

  • Gandhian & Peace Studies, E-business and E-Marketing 

  • Business Ethics & Corporate Social Responsibility 

  • Organization Change & Development 

  • International Business Environment • Entrepreneurial Development Gender: 

  • The courses that focus on Gender Issues:

  • Women’s writing in English, Gender Studies. 

Courses on Environment and Sustainability are: 

  • Community Health and Mental Health 

  • Environmental Studies, Disaster Management

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Description of the courses which address Gender, Environment and Sustainability, Human values, Emerging Demographic changes and Professional Ethics in the Curricula

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